Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mess up on my part, shooting near AJ's

Just needed to let everyone know that I made an error in reporting a story headlined "Son of AJ's owner charged with shooting man after argument at club."

Information that police received and reported when they arrested Jack David Stovall, Jr. on Tuesday, was apparently false.

Jack David Stovall, Jr. is not the son of the owners of AJ's as I reported. He is in fact the nephew of the club's operator Peggy Weekley as well as the buildings owner Allen J. Stovall, according to conversations I had with both of them this morning.

Allen said that Jack David Stovall, Sr. works as an employee at AJ's but has no ownership or management capacity.

I should have checked the information on the report with those involved. I have written a story correcting this error for tomorrow's paper. I hope the misinformation didn't cause undue harm. My apologies to those who felt wronged by the article.